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Have some questions about the free trial? Please read the Free Trial F.A.Q.
The best way to contact us is by email:
Steve Bushman

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have an Apple / Mac version?
Yes! Super Crossword Creator 8 works with all modern Apple computersTry it here
Do you support Windows Vista? Windows XP? Windows 7? Windows 8? Windows 10?
Yes! Super Crossword Creator 8 works with all Windows computersTry it here
Why do I have red squiggly lines under some of my words?
That's the spell checker - right click on the underlined words and Super Crossword Creator will suggest possible spellings for you. If you are doing foreign language crosswords, you may have to ignore the squigglies.
I have another problem not listed here
Please send us an email at so we can resolve your issue. We want to make all of our customers happy so please do let us know. Also, we will put up the solution this F.A.Q. so you will be instrumental in helping others as well!

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